We are a consulting business… and our business is community.

Bewhy.fore we learn more about you, allow us to share with you our “WHY.”


  • We believe that communities need a new model of community development – they must demand a new model. and that demand comes in the form of better connections.


  • We believe in Friendraising, then Fundraising
    (build your tribe, then connect capital).


  • We believe the nonprofits are not “charity” – they’re essential businesses
    (forget “nonprofit” and think “for-impact” – thanks, The Suddes Group).


  • We believe social enterprise, socially-conscience business, and social philanthropy is the path to stronger and impactful communities.


  • We believe there’s No Profits Without Nonprofits (thanks, CForward… was honored to be part of the creative team who founded this initiative).


  • We believe small towns, small cities (sometimes called “third class” cities) are amazing platforms and perfect to become incubator communities of the connection economy (and yes, small cities can dare the big boys to follow their lead).

  • We believe to Work Hard, Play Hard…and never know which one you’re doing.


  • We believe the best organizations “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill.”



So why would you want to collaborate with us? Cool.

If you’re interested in not just “improving” your organization’s operations, marketing, and systems; but rather you’re interested in shaping your community, connecting your community, and impacting your community… join the .movement (first consult is FREE)

connect with us today.