what.Fundraising? Board Building? Marketing? Staff Training?

       ….Yeah, we do that.

So… what is the connect the dots movement?


We are a consulting firm…but that sounds too fancy-smancy.


A better way to describe connect the dots movement is to define us as “community brokers.” We look to establish connections within a community between the four pillars of community (.com; .org; .edu; and .gov) and maximize a community’s assets & resources to best position all in community development.


Looking to start a nonprofit? We can help you with that. Looking to take your nonprofit organization to a higher level of impact and reach? Yep, we help there too. How about a stronger strategy to raise money, NOT through hope (hope is not a strategy) but rather through deployment of a Strategic Fund Development plan? Yessir, we do that too.


So in simple terms…for us to do biz with you, you hire us and we assist you in building your business, brand and badass innovations with the connection economy in mind.  We will help assess you current funding models, marketing plan, communications strategy, and overall development…and help you create that stronger impact & outreach to your customers, clients, donors and community. Things like:


  • nonprofit design, startup, and build out

  • strategic planning

  • communication strategy

  • community outreach

  • fundraising/development design

  • branding review/design

  • leadership training

  • social media implementation, management, coaching, evaluation

  • …and other stuff you say “hey, can you help with this?”


But really instead of asking “what” the better question is always  “why?”


Why connect the dots movement?


Well… this.