This is a time for COMMUNITY. Local Community.

So, full disclosure is that I am a bit of a political junkie. After living in Washington, DC for over 15 years I suppose it’s in the blood at this point. Coupling with this disclosure is a bit of a “Captain Obvious” observation:


Our national political discord is complete flipped out and getting more and more divided.


EVERY opposition party to a President of the United States makes the case that it is *now* more divided than ever before. Opposition parties convinced us that George W. Bush split the country; then President Barrack Obama cause the greatest rift in our nation. Now, President Trump is tearing us into two nations.


It will always be like this when dealing in a two-party system. The “in power” and the “out of power” folks have basic roles to play and notes to hit.

But DK, so what? What do you suggest we do?


Can’t believe I’m going to say it this way, but here I go….


Forget national politics. Focus on local. Focus on county. Focus on state. But forget national politics.


Seriously, event writing that may be twitch a bit. I mean the former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill was the one who said “All Politics is Local” but he didn’t mean “and so complete ignore us here in Washington, or forget that it was I – a national public official – who made that statement.”  But yes, forget national.


Now, don’t completel ignore what’s happening in Washington. That is insane to me and always the beginning of the end, when an electorate is SO uninformed it can’t distinguish between propaganda and news. No, what I mean is transfer information and action down to the local level.


Look, Washington is looking as partisan as it ever has looked. Legislation and action from Washington appears to be nothing more than slogans, and with the swirl of palace intrigue that is the Trump-Russia scandals, potential cover-ups, and drip-drip of anonymous sourced challenges across the US government… it’s amazing that anything – ANYTHING – is getting done.


But in your home town. In you community. Things MUST get done. Forget Rs and Ds. Never mind polls or talking heads. Locally, cities across America are looking to mayors and city council to be the adults in the room. The action takers. The ACTIVATORS as I refer to them here at Connect the Dots Movement. It’s time to GET ACTION… and that will happen on the local level.


So no matter the size of your town, get involved. Go to a council meeting. Visit a school board session.  Stop by a commissioner’s office for a Q&A. Participate in local town halls or facebook groups.  But with one caveat…


Do it with PURPOSE. If you spend your time simply to whine or the complain or to troll… find a hobby. GET ACTION. If you don’t like what you see from local leadership, challenge them for positions. Question them but also address them with alternate approaches to consider. Come with facts to spill, and feet to move into action.


We don’t have time for the CNN/MSNBC/Fox News rumbles… we’ve got to get it right on Main Street.


Harness your energy…. because ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL. Let’s get to work.


Keep on Connectin’….. #NonprofitPower.