org_website_logoNonprofits are the soul of a community. Protecting the environment, supporting education, creating the arts, fostering places of worship, building quality healthcare. The nonprofit sector does it all.

But for all its strength of impact, the sector operates on an old (and not too dynamic) system of fundraising, volunteer management, and a sense of itself that speaks to “charity” instead of “asset” toward a community.

connect the dots movement believes we need a new way to work with nonprofits and nonprofiteers. we need to showcase the nonprofit sector for what it is: a valued, important component to community revitalization and vibrancy.

We believe the connection economy starts by looking at our nonprofit sector and its funders, support systems, and collaborators – and innovating our way to build our network of awesome. How? Well we can’t give away our secrets completely! You’ll have to connect the dots by contacting us




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