Being a connected community doesn’t mean “same ideas, more people in the know.” In fact, the best connected communities equate their connections not only by looking at their contact list, but by looking at their idea list.

Permission to innovate breeds creativity, but it also invites more stakeholders to the table.  More in the room, more connections. more connections, more innovation.

Rinse. Repeat.

connect the dots movement encourages organizations, businesses, governments, and leaders to think beyond their immediate moment… and let innovation kick the ass of intimidation.

An influential nonprofiteer, Robert Egger, once said there were three kinds of leaders:

  • those who lead at their desks, head down, making things happen but looking down at their tasks at hand
  • those who lead by looking out and seeing the future, and preparing for its eventual arrival
  • those who lead by looking out and seeing the future… and standing up and walking out to meet it head on

We’re looking to help develop that third group of leaders. head on, with passion and purpose.

We aren’t intimidated by innovation… we not satisfied with the “way things are” or the status quo.

We’re ready to innovate, all we need is you and your passion. ┬áLet’s innovate your community together.