welcome to the ‘dots…

You are invited to join a new movement. A movement based around a profound, and some might say obvious, idea:

That our communities need to re-examine the ways that we collectively utilize our assets and resources.

Our old system of looking at our relationships “between the dots” (.com; .org; .edu; and .gov) is flawed. The flaw rests on historic ideas of what is means to be each of these sectors of our communities.

Our old systems did not connect sectors strongly. More based upon a “who you know” method. If you knew the right people, your mission could flourish.  If your business was in the popular/”hot” neighborhood, your work was to be celebrated and featured.  If you filled out the grant application with amazing prose, a nice presentation, and possible knew the grant administrator well, your project might be a bit of funding (no administrative support, restricted to programmatic work only, of course).

This isn’t quite exactly working.

Cities and small towns alike are struggling with transformation based upon our developing, defining city identities.  Manufacturing centers of commerce are now re-assessing their place in the economy and encouraging new jobs, technologies, and industries to re-brand themselves. Neighborhood are self-identifying to best position themselves as great places to live and play, so that suburban spawlers can return to urban living.  Colleges are redefining curriculum and majors to best prepare the next generation of workers for the new reality in workforce needs and development.

With all this change… our systems of the pillars of industry (.com; .org; .edu; and .gov) need to adjust their way of connection – of doing business with one another.

Connect the Dots Movement strives to assist communities to best utilize their assets and resources for this new connection economy. Challenge the status quo, question charitable giving at it core and ask “how can we move from ‘charity donation’ to a more robust (and more accurate) ‘investment’ into our social enterprises, and find new innovate ways to connect a community with its past, present and future by connect its people, places and spaces NOW.

It’s time to showcase our amazing talents and potential. It’s time to Connect the Dots…

Join the .movement

Douglas Knight
Chief Connector
Connect the Dots Movement