Too often, the role of government is settled around the political – is it a “democratic” thing or a “republican” thing?

Here’s our take… we don’t care.

Our only question is: “what is the policy and how does it impact connect, collaboration, and community?” (that’s actually two questions, but don’t hold that against us.)

No matter the level of government (national, state, regional/county, or local), the importance of a system that encourages liaisons between organizations and businesses is essential to municipalities and their potential in this new economy. Old ways don’t work; new ways feel scary; and government is always seen as institutions that don’t innovate quickly (or well for that matter).

We’d like to VETO that feeling.

connect the dots movement can work with administrations, government leaders and departments to bring a new sense of presence, a new sense of what is means to be a community’s government leading the way in innovative thinking and revitalization… and no, it doesn’t require new subcommittees or a blue-ribbon panel, or even a Presidential pardon.

Contact us today and let’s begin to build a new feeling of what government is…and how it impacts community.


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