edu_website_logo“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and, let them lead the way…”

No, we’re just kidding. this isn’t just about a sappy song and a promise. This is a call to action. Like President Theodore Roosevelt said, “GET ACTION!

Our communities’ educational institutions are the forges that create our fundamental elements that make up our others sectors (.com, .org, .gov).  Not connecting with education is like flying without instruments (we’re not pilots, but we can imagine that’s a little scary to think all those dials, gauges and buttons wouldn’t do squa-doosh while sitting in the pilot’s seat).

connect the dots movement seeks to challenge community educational institutions to show its ownership of their communities. It’s not enough to be named for a community; it’s time to own a community by collaborating with its leaders in developing its systems with future (and current) leaders! We believe through consulting, speaking, and other collaborations we can assist schools/universities/trade schools/voc-tech centers in reshaping education to our new, connection economy.

Educational centers aren’t the starting point, they are the launching point! ring us and let’s connect those dots!



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