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To effect social and community change, it will take a new way to position your business or organization. Assets and resources will be built; however, the key connector to your business will be based upon your internal positioning.


Who are your team members? What is your strategic (and dynamic) goals? and most importantly… do you know your WHY as an organization?


We can help with that.

the connection economy - dots

Focus areas (sampling):

  • finding your “why.”

  • strategic planning.

  • brand development.

  • messaging.

  • social media.

  • board building.

  • grant writing/pitching.

  • presentation prep/public speaking coaching.

  • marketing strategy.

  • communication planning.

  • creating an environment best for the connection economy.

  • [insert your need here.]


Contact us today and we can assist you in creating a culture of connection, and build a team that not only will thrive.. but impact your community.


And by the way… the first meeting’s on us. we’ll give you a complimentary (fancy talk for ‘free’) initial meeting/meet up… just so you can get to know us, and we you… and they say ‘nothing’s free in this world’ right?


Oh, here’s some stuff written by our fearless leader, DK, for you to chew on… (like your favorite restaurant would do, allow us to suggest one of our special posts – on Frank-en-Ideas).