com_website_logoBusiness, and especially small business, is the lifeblood of community. These are the job creators, the ballers and the shot callers. ┬áBut more than a box housing an army of people building widgets while punching in and punching out for a 9-5 gig… businesses are now settings of innovation, collaboration and growth. With the rise of Generation X, Generation Y, and Millenials, businesses are being defined as more than just profits centers. Philanthropy, collaboration and community impact are also values many look to establish while also creating goods or services with that shingle they’re hanging up.

connect the dots movement can work with you on developing your business plan, your communications strategy, your marketing plan… yeah, those we can do, but do you know what we love to do the most?!

Build your “connection plan” – connecting your business goals with your community goals. build that strong community, and your business will flourish. and BOTH can be done in one system: the connection economy.





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