advocacy.Speak to power? We ARE the power… #NonprofitPower

Dennis Miller said it best. Life is like the bus, it “requires” change… but change never comes easily.


connect the dots movement will challenge status quo on all levels of community development. the role of nonprofits, the role of governments, the role of educational institutions, the role of business. Whether it is how we fundraise or how foundations manage gifts and donations… all are on the table for change. Our system itself, the culture of “how” we give, what processes we use.. these need to adapt to a new reality, a new community paradigm.


Governments are based on older systems of design. What government does, its role, and its values are still constructed around human charisma and passion – but our bureaucracy and fall-back excuse (this is how it’s always been done) stifles innovation. And now, the bill is due. Cities are in bankruptcy or fiscal strife because of old model systems failing around the new economic and socio-economic condition. This isn’t what will come kind of talk. It is “where we are NOW” talk. it’s time city officials, leaders, and departments take a long, strong, and creative look at who they are and how they do business. There’s not time of fighting for silos or partial constituents… the clock’s ticking, and our communities are faltering.


…big fancy words to say “we need to connect the dots in a better way.”


From the national level directly to the local community you live in – the experience of creating community will be impacted. We will connect the dots to affect change.¬†Join with connect the dots movement and we can transform your community into a innovative economic engine. Let’s get revving!


Bring connect the dots movement to your organization, business, or government department (you too mayors, we can help your vision of a new community impact) and let us assist you in bringing change to your community.