the connection economy.

In the beginning, there were dots.

No just kidding. there was a whole bunch of stuff. But that’s not important right now. The important thing

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Being a connected community doesn’t mean “same ideas, more people in the know.” In fact, the best connected communities equate their connections n

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get action.

Right on, Mr. President.
We believe that the way to make things happen, is to start things with action.

Committees, commissions, munic

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Business, and especially small business, is the lifeblood of community. These are the job creators, the ballers and the shot callers. ┬áBut more than a box housing an army of people building widgets while punching in and punching out for a 9-5 gig… businesses are now settings of innovation, collaboration and growth. With the rise […]


Nonprofits are the soul of a community. Protecting the environment, supporting education, creating the arts, fostering places of worship, building quality healthcare. The nonprofit sector does it all. But for all its strength of impact, the sector operates on an old (and not too dynamic) system of fundraising, volunteer management, and a sense of itself […]


Too often, the role of government is settled around the political – is it a “democratic” thing or a “republican” thing? Here’s our take… we don’t care. Our only question is: “what is the policy and how does it impact connect, collaboration, and community?” (that’s actually two questions, but don’t hold that against us.) No […]

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Speak to power? We ARE the power… #NonprofitPower Dennis Miller said it best. Life is like the bus, it “requires” change… but change never comes easily.   connect the dots movement will challenge status quo on all levels of community development. the role of nonprofits, the role of governments, the role of educational institutions, the […]

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nonprofits | small biz | education institutions | government To effect social and community change, it will take a new way to position your business or organization. Assets and resources will be built; however, the key connector to your business will be based upon your internal positioning.   Who are your team members? What is […]

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Book us today for your next conference, seminar, workshop, or special event (trust us, DK is pretty funny…we think.) Connect the Dots Movement showcases a new way to consider community development and the relationship between sectors: .com; .org; .edu; and .gov respectively. Let us bring our message to you and your organization, community event, or […]

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what they say.

“Doug was super fun and entertaining, as well as informative. Great information.”


“He was great – I enjoyed his [Prezi]. He was really animated and brought the information alive and challenged me mentally, of the value of myself and in my position. Very neat!”


“…an incredible session! I found so many quick wins to bring back to my own team, as well as several goals for myself as a leader.”


“Great way to look at leadership and engagement – his values and demeanor were very inspiring.”


“Doug is one in a million. His forward thinking inspires a culture of fresh new ideas, enthusiasm and provokes a desire to make a difference. He is truly a valued leader and driving force in our community.”


“Don’t let this go to your head, DK. Take out the trash.” ~Korey Knight (DK’s super cool wife)


Meow.” ~Earl Grey or Izzy Grey, not quite sure which one said this (he’s got two cats)